The first book in my new Immortality Series,
Cave of Immortality!

What price for eternal youth?

Seventeen-year-old Roza doesn’t know she has a secret power.
When an ancient warlock kidnaps her to use her body parts in a potion he is brewing,
he discovers her unique and powerful gift.
But revealing her ability would plunge the whole Sapien Empire into civil war to possess and control it. Roza’s valley is threatened with destruction, and if her power is the only way to save it,
how can she keep it secret?

If you’d like to discover more about this story, go to this next page, Cave of Immortality.

Available from wherever you normally buy your books,
or from here on Amazon UK, and here on Amazon USA.


And introducing my previous series, the Destiny’s Rebel trilogy:
Welcome to the world of Anestra and the Western Coast!

Enter an imaginary world of castles and kingdoms, swords and sailing ships, gods and a sacred relic,
and follow the fortunes of Kat (Princess Katelin of Anestra) as she struggles to become Queen.

The Destiny’s Rebel trilogy is listed as Teenage/Young Adult fantasy,
but the content is suitable for able readers from ages 10 & 11 upwards, and adults enjoy them too!

If you’d like to watch videos of me introducing the story and reading some of Chapter One, you can find these on this next page: Destiny’s Rebel.

The trilogy begins with Destiny’s Rebel (2015):

Can you escape who you’re meant to be?

Kat never asked to be in line to be Queen. Eleven days until she comes of age and she feels suffocated. Bullied by her guardians and oppressed by expectation, Kat dreads the Coronation Day that will end her dreams of freedom and adventure. She refuses to surrender to her fate and runs away – straight into a different kind of trap.
Will Kat get back to Anestra in time to save her Kingdom from their enemies’ schemes? Can she accept the fate from which she flees? Can she, on this last quest, restore the lost and broken Crown of Anestra with its sacred powers as a relic of the Divine?
Kat’s adventure weaves through treachery and intrigue to discover the truth about herself, her friends and her place in history.
Click here to learn more about the heroine of the story: Meet Princess Katelin.


The second book, Destiny’s Revenge, was released in 2017:

Is there anyone you’d die to save?

Plague strikes Anestra city, reaching even to the Royal Family.
Queen Katelin and her friends embark on a race against time to trace the cause of the affliction,
facing enemies old and new in a desperate quest to save her people.
But how can she fight something that holds the power of life and death over them all?
Must she make a deal with the gods?
And is she willing to sacrifice her own life to rescue those she loves?

The trilogy concluded with Destiny’s Ruin in 2018:

Where can you hide when the whole world is against you?

Ambushed on her way back to the city of Anestra,
Queen Katelin takes refuge in the Manniswood.
She learns of a plot to steal her throne,
and finds both allies and enemies in her struggle to control the Kingdom.
But other events overtake her personal struggles,
events which threaten to change the Western Coast for ever.

I am thrilled that both Destiny’s Rebel and Destiny’s Revenge
were Shortlisted as Finalists in the British Isles Region
for the prestigious Crystal Kite Award from the Los Angeles-based
international Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).
They were also Number One Bestsellers
in Teenage and Young Adult Fiction at Blackwell’s Bookshop in Oxford.

The Destiny’s Rebel trilogy was first published by Books to Treasure,
and was re-issued by Brittain Fisher in 2023/2024.
They are on Goodreads here, available as e-books on KINDLE, and as paperbacks:
from here at and from here on

Destiny’s Rebel: ISBN: 978-1916767010.
Destiny’s Revenge: ISBN: 978-1916767027.
Destiny’s Ruin: ISBN: 978-1916767034.

If you’re the sort of reader (as I am) who hates it when a book ends on a cliff-hanger or a twist, just to make you buy the next in a series, then please be assured that my stories resolve properly at the end of each novel. My books each contain a separate story, with largely the same characters and setting, but following on from each other in time. That’s what I like to read, so that’s what I write.

What a great life. I still have to pinch myself to believe that I’m living this particular dream.


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  1. Hi, Phillip,
    Just browsing through as a guest and oh my!! What a very rich website!! Not one letter in your entire writing career is laid to waste – from comments, to reviews, to past activities in archives, launches,posts, etc etc!
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    Where to start from? Poetry?Book launch lessons? Writing journey? Your books?etc I am spoiled for choice.
    I should have discovered your website during the lock down but God as His purpose for everything in our lives.
    I will start from the very beginning: About Me. It will be great to know the real you better first. Thanks for blessing readers and writers with your website. Remain blessed.

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