Destiny’s Ruin

Destiny’s Ruin, the conclusion of the Destiny’s Rebel Trilogy, released on 28th September 2018.


Where can you hide when the whole world is against you?


Ambushed on her way back to the city of Anestra, Queen Katelin takes refuge in the Manniswood. She learns of a plot to steal her throne, and finds both allies and enemies in her struggle to control the Kingdom.

But other events overtake her personal struggles, events which threaten to change the Western Coast for ever.



The front cover, with artwork by Emma Graham Illustrations, depicts the ancient, carved wooden throne in the Hall of the Court in Anestra Castle, focus for the final struggle to control the Old Kingdom of the Western Coast, as Queen Katelin’s ultimate fate is revealed in the climax to the Destiny’s Rebel Trilogy.

Destiny’s Ruin is available on Kindle (£2.99) and paperback (£8.99)
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It is also listed here on Goodreads.

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