And … here it is!

9781909423329_cover front

Here is our wonderful front cover from the highly talented artist and designer Emma Graham Illustrations, depicting the ancient Crown of Anestra. This lost and broken Crown, a sacred relic of the Divine, plays a key role in the adventures of Princess Katelin, and in the story of Destiny’s Rebel.

So what is Destiny’s Rebel about? It’s set in an imaginary medieval world, with castles and kingdoms, swords and sailing ships, because that’s what I love. Here’s the blurb:

Ten days until she comes of age and Kat feels suffocated. Bullied by her guardians and oppressed by expectation, Kat dreads the Coronation Day that will end her dreams of freedom and adventure. She refuses to surrender to her fate and runs away – straight into a different kind of trap. Captured by slave traders, she realises too late where her true destiny lies.

Will Kat get back to Anestra in time to save her Kingdom from their enemies’ schemes? Can she accept the fate from which she flees? Can she, on this last quest, restore the lost and broken Crown of Anestra with its sacred powers as a relic of the Divine?

Kat’s adventure becomes something far greater, as she weaves through treachery and intrigue to discover the truth about herself, her friends and her place in history.

Can you escape who you’re meant to be?

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