Writing Tips: Introduction

I’ve been asked whether I might share something of my writing journey. Until now, I haven’t thought to presume that anyone would be interested in reading how I arrived at where I am.

But I have a traditional publisher, a contract for my first novel, and firm interest from them for the rest of the series. So on that basis I’m happy to write down some thoughts in the hope that they might help you.

Because I genuinely want to help.

Writing a novel, and getting published, can be a thoroughly desperate business. If reading these pages or posts helps you in any way, then I’m glad. If you’re willing to spare the time to read this, then let’s go on this writing journey together.

Author Philip

Click on the links below to go to the individual pages, and I’ll add more as and when my publisher’s deadlines allow. 🙂

Dreams Cover

Writing Tips: Part One: A Good Idea.